~seizure FREE me~

~seizure FREE me~

Wednesday, May 26, 2010

a BIG step ahead...

For the last few days Atty has had only a few really mild seizures. Not even the full body kind, just really short absence seizures and some stumbling. This morning after he woke up I went to put on his helmet and he resisted. I thought about it for a moment and then decided that I didn't want a power struggle. I need the helmet to be a good thing for the times he really does need it. So I said okay and took a deep breath. I thought back on how much he was falling before the helmet when we had to wait about a month to get it (that was so frustrating!) and how little he is falling now. Then I bravely faced the day (after calling my husband to tell him how nervous I was).

I can tell that he really likes the feeling of being helmet free. We had a couple of hot days and by the end of the day his head would be all sweaty. I would take his helmet off before bed and he would want me to rub his head and scritch (scritch being lighter then a scratch for anyone who's wondering, ha, ha) it a little because I think it would get all itchy. Anyways I am loving seeing his beautiful red hair again. That is definitely one of the things I was missing the most, I absolutely LOVE the color of his hair.

Gorgeous, shiny, brilliant, fiery hair.

This picture gets me all emotional. Because I've been waiting a while now to see the boys all playing together again...just like before. So far today I haven't noticed a single seizure!! I can hardly believe that we tried 6 different medicines and didn't get any relief...until we tried a diet. Wow.


Lisa said...

Hip Hip Hooray!! good day on the other side of the country! I'm happy for you. :) Enjoy your evening!

Kat said...

Hooray!!!! What an accomplishment.
And for the record, you were right ALL ALONG. You advicated for your child and YOU WERE RIGHT! DIET! HA! Momma wins!
I am so happy for you I could cry.
Continued prayers for Atty, and you, and your family on this journey.