~seizure FREE me~

~seizure FREE me~

Wednesday, June 1, 2011


And they all said NO MORE SEIZURES! :) Had Atty's party this weekend and it was awesome. So nice to celebrate with friends and family this amazing milestone. One whole year down, and Saturday also happened to be his last day on medicine! The power of diet and diet alone!!!

Atty's face just glowed with happiness the whole time. It was hard to get any un-blurry pictures of him because he was all over the place visiting and celebrating. He loved sharing his food with everyone. I spent two days making different foods for sampling, all out of almond flour. On the menu was:

Almond flour bread and cashew butter sandwiches

Herb crackers {using herbs straight out of my garden!}

Sesame crackers

Pecan shortbread cookies


I also had to make him biscuits in the middle of baking, so that he would have something to eat before the party...

Also on the menu:

Chicken strips made with almond flour coating

His type of hot dogs, cut into strips and boiled so they curl {we call them worms, ha ha!}

Macadamia nut "humus" for dipping

Cashew/Tahini/Olive oil dipping sauce or salad dressing

Mustard for dipping

A non-starchy veggies tray

A fruit tray with his types of fruit {we did have to put this on a separate table to make sure he didn't eat more then he was suppose to.}

Baby spinach greens

Macadamia nuts

A big batch of camomile tea over ice sweetened with stevia

I also made his guacamole and his heart shaped freezer treats but I forgot to put those out. Oh well. Everyone enjoyed the food, which was nice. I'll admit my first attempts at his food weren't the best, so it was really nice seeing people actually enjoying eating his food and declaring it yummy. :) Atty loved that it was a party that he could actually go up to the table and eat what ever he wanted. What a relief.

After food and conversation we moved on to trophies. I had trophies made for each of the kids with a special engraving on each one. I wanted them all to understand that I noticed and appreciated their hard work. This diet had been hard work for everyone, it involves the whole family and I am just proud beyond words of my kids. I can't even think about it with out tearing up. In fact I was so emotional that I couldn't talk and had to have my dearest friend give out the trophies at first while I tried to compose myself. By the time it was Atty's turn I had a better handle on myself and was able to speak and give him his trophy. "For your bravery and dedication against all odds. " It was a really special moment.

We all clapped and cheered for each and every one of them. They all felt very proud of themselves, as they should.

Then my mom surprised my hubby and I with trophies as well. It was so sweet and thoughtful of her.

Go Team Rivers!

I got all emotional all over again, and made a super ugly cry face, trying to express to the people there how much their love and support has meant to me. I had tried to warn everyone ahead of time that there were going to be tears... I'm pretty sure just about everyone there shed a tear or two {or more} and we all hugged. It was food for my soul.

Showing off their trophies, or in Lala's case... eating it! Yummy. Her trophy was for brightening up the dark days and bringing a smile to her brothers face. She was sometimes the only one who could get him to smile in the hospital.

Atty's posing for his trophy picture.

Ira showing his hard earned trophy for his excellent team spirit.

The proud big brother showing his hard earned trophy as well, for being an outstanding team player. :)

All of their trophies said, Go Team Rivers! Which is something we say a lot because it helps the kids to work together. We even have an all hands in cheer we do, because were silly like that.

After the trophies we had almond flour cupcakes. There were twelve candles to celebrate the twelve months seizure free and we all shouted "No More Seizures" before blowing out the candles together. Half of the cupcakes I frosted with a cashew butter/coconut oil/stevia mix that is super yummy and the other half I frosted with Nutella {for the people with out allergies}. Let me just say that Nutella frosting is amazing. The cupcakes where strawberry flavored using his flavored powdered stevia drink mix and then I added a slice of strawberry on top. Not a single cupcake was wasted. Major success!

Atty enjoying his muffin. Quite a few of the people at the party are switching to diets similar {but not a strict or as high in fat} as Atty's diet and were really interested in all the food. They loved the almond flour baked goods and now want to order almond flour for themselves. They all felt it was much yummier then the gluten free alternative they use. Exciting to be part of a better health movement! The GAPS diet is what I want to switch Atty to and that is what most of the people there were interested in. I ordered the book 'Gut and Psychology Syndrome' by Dr. Natasha Campbell-McBride a while back and already have a waiting list of people who want to read it. I think it's an eye opening must read for everyone to understand the body better. Diet affects so many things that many of us have never even connected before.

Atticus, you are my Champion and I am so proud of you! One more year and you earned yourself a lizard! {Something I promised at the beginning of the diet...} It might end up being a bird instead though, as you are now really into birds, I guess we will just wait and see. Either way you are half way there!!!