~seizure FREE me~

~seizure FREE me~

Monday, February 4, 2013

And now he's SIX!

Happy 6th Birthday to my amazing, jolly, creative, and inspiring boy! 

Three years ago we had just got home from the hospital after a very long stay, just it time to celebrate his birthday at home. It felt so good, but the relief didn't last long. At the time we didn't realize that darker days were still ahead. 
But now with the celebration of your sixth birthday we know that we got to leave all of that behind. For that I am so thankful! 

On your birthday this year we celebrated with some yummy magic diet food. On the menu {Atty made all the choices.} for a special birthday lunch:

Kosher hotdogs {I know, not healthy} with lettuce wraps
a fruit plate  {unlimited, yay!}
a veggie plate {unlimited, yay!}
almond flour herb crackers
avocado dip

Then for some special treats:

coconut macaroons
freezer candies {made with coconut oil, honey, unsweetened cocoa, and shredded coconut}
banana cake {made with almond flour and honey} with peanut butter frosting

He wanted Apple cider to drink, and although I wouldn't normal let him have much of that because of the high sugar content, he did have a glass, and it was thoroughly enjoyed! :)

It's so nice to not have to count carbs anymore, and to be able to have unlimited amounts of the foods allowed on his diet.

Next weekend we are going to the NW Rapture Center for some more birthday fun, for a bird lover it's a dream come true!