~seizure FREE me~

~seizure FREE me~

Tuesday, July 10, 2012

Sweet summer treat

Made some really yummy popsicles for Atty the other day.  They taste sort of like fudgesicles.  This recipe is not exact, it's a bit  of a guess and test thing. :) Here are the ingredients.

Creamy chocolate popsicles

coconut milk
coconut oil
nut butter {choose your favorite}
unsweetened cocoa powder

I was making six popsicles, and I just eye balled all the ingredients. I wish sometimes that I was more of an exact cook, it would make sharing recipes so much easier. :) But I actually like the freedom of throwing stuff together in the kitchen. The raisins will sweeten it up a lot so you don't need very much honey. Use mostly raisins, but taste test, you do want these sweet, the cocoa powder can make is sort of bitter if you are not careful. Start with mostly coconut milk and add to that, use only a little coconut oil, mostly nut butter to thicken. Blend it all up in a blender, including the raisins. I had a little of the mixture left over after filling the molds, and Atty had no problem finishing it off as it was. :) Pop these bad boys in the freezer until set, and enjoy!

So Good!

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