~seizure FREE me~

~seizure FREE me~

Tuesday, July 10, 2012

snags are no fun

So we hit a little snag switching over to the GAPS diet. I started with introducing some honey, then properly soaked white beans, and then properly soaked lentils and all was going well it seemed. So then I introduced just a little bit of cheddar cheese as well. I didn't test it first, which I should have I guess. There is a way to test foods before introducing them on the GAPS diet, but I was hoping after being on such a strict diet already for two years {the Modified Atkins for Seizures diet} that we could just switch over slowly to the GAPS with out doing the intro and testing and all that stuff. I originally wanted to start with the intro, but our schedules have been so overwhelmingly busy and I didn't want to put of starting the diet any longer so I've just jumped in with out for now. Anyways I didn't notice any thing right away and then behavioral stuff started sneaking it's way back in. And he started wetting himself again. Just little dark spots on the front of his pants like he use to. It's like he starts leaking or something. He was very embarrassed about it, and would get really upset when I would ask him if he had an accident or tell him to change his clothes. It took me a moment to put two and two together I'm afraid, I mean it was nagging at me but I was hoping, once again, that it had nothing to do with diet. Then the sensory things started again, the panicked, overwhelmed, crying stuff started all over again in large groups of noisy people. We went to a place called Jungle Playland, that has all sorts of climbing equipment, slides, etc... it's like a giant indoor awesome playground. He fell apart {in the end he did start to play, but for the first half he clung to me and cried and looked absolutely panicked}. And that's when it hit me. It's starting all over again. I almost had a panic attack myself while we were there. Just thinking, Oh my Goodness, we can not go back to that! So I took everything but the honey back out of his diet again. And you guessed it... back on the right track. It will never cease to amazing me how much diet affects us in so many more ways then we realize! I am glad that we caught it when it was mostly behavioral this time. But this really hits home that his gut is still damaged and highly reactive. I have reintroduced the white beans a bit with no reaction and I really don't feel that it was the lentils. I feel very certain that it was the dairy. He was very sensitive to dairy before his seizures even started, so I knew there was a possibility that he wouldn't tolerate it. He just really wanted to try and I let him, and now we know. Not ready for that yet, possibly not ever.  Over all the GAPS switch over has been nice. To allow him unlimited veggies and fruit has been wonderful. Not having to count carbs, beautiful! Especially now that it's summer. He is able to eat out of the garden with out my having to count out 5 blueberries, or measure 1/2 cup of strawberries and then tell him he's done. That was really hard to do before, I just hated it! But no more of that, thankfully! I still want him to eat protein/healthy fats with his fruits and veggies because I feel like it helps balance things. But I've even relaxed about that when we are just eating out of the yard and I haven't noticed a problem with it, so I think it might be mostly a left over fear from when we were on the MAS diet. On that diet I had to pair all the carbs {his were from fruit and veggies sources} with a fat.  I'd have to say the honey is by far the best change. Oh the yummy treats I can make with honey! So much better then stevia. I still use a little stevia, mostly to sweeten cold drinks, like his lemon water or ice tea, but I have been able to expand his recipes and make the most delicious things! One of them being a trail mix made with honey that when processed a bit in a food processor doubles as a breakfast cereal. Will be adding that recipe soon! :)

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Kat said...

Oh my gosh!!!! That is so exciting about getting fruits and veggies again! Seriously. That is so awesome. That is one of the best parts of summer and now he can enjoy them too. Plus it gives you so many more options.

And YAY YOU! Thank God you are so in tune with his behavior that you notice right away when something is off and you seem to have a good sense how to adjust it right away. MAN! God really picked the perfect mother for him. :)