~seizure FREE me~

~seizure FREE me~

Monday, August 29, 2011

bye bye curls... hope to see you again soon.

When Atty was on all of his medicine for seizures his hair started falling out. It started to look like he had a comb over. So we shaved it. For me it was a sad moment to shave off all his beautiful red hair, and I shed a tear or two. First it had been covered with the helmet when he was having all the drop attacks and then shaved. It was hard to get use to, not seeing all that red hair all the time.Then as he got healthier and healthier and got off all the medicine his hair grew back. Boy oh Boy did it grow back, beautiful, curly red hair. It became a sign of health for me, all that beautiful red hair. I let it grow, and grow, and grow.
The other night I gave my husband a really short hair cut {I've the official hair cutter in our family} and the boys decided they all wanted their hair cut like daddy. Including Atticus. My heart sank. I'm not one to care normally whether my kids have long or short hair, or even what clothes they wear, etc... I like to let them make those choices for the most part. But I'll admit Atty's long hair had so many meanings to me... I was definitely more attached to his hair then he was. It was sort of funny because my husband was trying to talk Bubu out of cutting his hair, he likes it longer, and I was trying to talk Atty out of cutting his. But in the end Bubu had some words of wisdom for us. He said "it's just hair, it will grow back". He's right of course... my wise son. My daughter also wanted a hair cut, but it's taken almost two years to get the tiny bit she has so I'll admit I gave her a fake hair cut... which made her happy, so all is well. Funny thing is Atty went last, because I tried to avoid it to the very end, and when he sat down he said "mom I don't want my hair cut like baby sister, I want it cut like Bubu". Smart little kid. :) And you know what I probably would have tried that if he hadn't called me out on it. That's what I did on the last round of hair cuts. It worked that time, but he let me know in no uncertain terms that it wasn't going to work this time. So I took a deep breath, cut his hair, shed a tear and saved some curls. And we move on, it's hair... it will grow back.

And all that matters this time is that he is healthy, short hair and all.

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