~seizure FREE me~

~seizure FREE me~

Wednesday, December 15, 2010

Quick update

Went to another doctor appointment because Atty had been complaining that his feet hurt and was walking funny but we couldn't figure out why. Well by the time we got into Children's hospital to see his doctor, weeks later, he wasn't doing it anymore. So we figured nothing out, except that it might be because we recently went up on his Lcarnitin because of high anmonia levels. There is a type of nerve pain that can be helped by Lcarnitin and so it is interesting that he stopped complaining about his feet around the same time that we went up on that medicine. Hummmmm....I guess now we will wait and see if he mentions it or starts walking funny again.

Another random note, I messed up during the holidays. The weekend before Christmas we went to my mom's house for a get together and I realized {to late} that I had left ALL of Atty's food on the table by the door at our house. My stomach just sank. I left all his meds too, which wasn't too big of a deal because he didn't need them as we weren't staying over or anything but I do like to have his emergency meds just in case. Even though we've never had to use them, and Lord willing, never will. Anyways he got pretty sad, and then started freaking out because I'd made a big deal about the special cookies I was making just for him and then had none to give him. I wanted to cry. But I stood my ground on the no throwing fits over food thing and sent him into the other room until he was done. He settled down soon and then we had a talk and I told him how very sorry I was and how sad it made me feel that I messed up and that he could have what ever special food he wanted as soon as we got home. There was a guest at my mom's who didn't really understand the big deal and it was super hard not to respond to that in a rude way. We found a few random things to offer him, but he didn't eat much. He did well the rest of time though and when we got home I was good to my word even though it was super late I let him stay up and eat some cookies and some of his peanut butter.
That whole weekend was busy but went smoothly and no more food was forgotten, thank goodness!

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