~seizure FREE me~

~seizure FREE me~

Wednesday, June 2, 2010

Treats and tidbits

And the fun begins.

Reality is setting in.

Now that Atty is not having seizures (thank God!) my other boys are having a harder time understanding the need for the diet. Yesterday at dinner time I made Atty his plate and Banden thought what he was eating looked better then the dinner for the rest of us. Before when I would run into this I would just remind him that Atty is on a magic diet for his seizures and he would be understanding. Last night he questioned my response, because Atty's not having anymore seizures. I launched into a whole explanation about how he's not having any because of the magic diet, that he has to stay on it for a long time and if he doesn't his seizures could come back. We talked about how Atty can't eat a lot of the food that Bubu and Spike can eat. That he can only eat magic diet food. I let them know that some times it might be hard for Bubu or Spike to see Atty eating a food that they would like but that it's also hard for Atty to see other people eating food that he would like that he can't have because of his magic diet. I told them I would try my hardest to keep things fair but sometimes it might not seem fair to everyone. I think the talking about it helped but I can see issues arising from this now. It will be harder to remember the reason for the diet now that everything has settled down. Even for myself. I need to remember to stay vigilant and strict on the diet for him. He almost got his hands on some bread yesterday and that could have sent him back into seizures. He also tried to get some of the baby's food which could also be a set back, so I really have to keep a super close eye on him. He's back to his mobile, busy, getting into everything self and it's a full time job keeping up with him. He doesn't fully understand the diet either so even though we talk about it a lot he's not really grasping it I can tell. He has to be on this diet for at least 2 years so I hope that talking regularly about it will help it to become second nature. Tomorrow is Spike's third birthday and a whole new diet challenge. I have to figure out a way to make some sort of special treat for Atty so that he won't feel left out when we have cake. Being as I have a really limited amount of options I'm a little worried about it. I am going to experiment tonight and see if I can come up with something. I hope it works so that we can all have fun together celebrating Spikes birthday. I don't want a big upset about food while we are trying to celebrate, I don't want Spike to feel like the attention is all on Atty (because I don't want him to feel jealous) but I also don't want Atty to feel sad about not getting a treat. There are going to be many more situations like this so I need to figure out a game plan and a treat that he likes that I can use only on special occasions so that it stays something that he looks forward to.

He is also starting to say he's hungry all the time and that is a hard one to know what to do with. I can give him some fat or protein for snack, but we eat three meals and two snacks around here and I don't want the other kids to think it an open buffet...cause they'd run me out of business!

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Lisa said...

That is SOO awesome. So what is the diet called? Just amazing. I am so thankful your little guy is "back to normal"! I'm sure that just like everything else, one day at a time, you will figure out how to balance the food issues. Time will help. I'll keep praying!